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The 13th July 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi confronting Ranbir about his flirtatious behavior. Ranbir denies flirting and claims he asked about her well-being because he fell down the stairs. Prachi accuses him of caring more about Mihika than her and expresses her disappointment that he didn't save her. Ranbir playfully asks if she's jealous and angry because he didn't rescue her. He assures her that he will be there for her next time. Prachi walks away, feeling hurt.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Mihika discusses Ranbir's helpful nature with Neha, Divya, and Abhay. They admire his kindness and express their desire to find a partner like him. Akshay apologizes to Mihika for misunderstanding her and acknowledges that his aunt will be pleased with Ranbir. Neha and Divya agree that Mihika is fortunate.

In her room, Prachi engages in an internal dialogue with her own thoughts, admitting that she feels jealous. She tries to convince herself that Ranbir is only interested in Mihika and wishes he would stay away from her. However, her inner voice calls her a liar, revealing that she is in love with him and feels a sense of peace and warmth in his presence. Prachi decides to focus on the negative aspects of their relationship, remembering how he broke her heart. She convinces herself that Ranbir means nothing to her anymore because he is there for Mihika.

Later, Ranbir accidentally collides with Prachi, and she angrily questions him about what would have happened if she had been seriously hurt. Ranbir dismisses her concerns, stating that it was just a small collision in the house. Prachi retorts that she doesn't care. Ranbir suggests that they move on from their fight, but Prachi argues that he started it with his nonsense. Akshay overhears their conversation and inquires about the terms "chik chik" and "baklu."

Meanwhile, Pandit ji arrives and instructs the married and unmarried couples to swing on the swinger. Akshay asks Ranbir and Prachi for an explanation, and Ranbir clarifies that they had a minor argument. Akshay praises Prachi, but Ranbir insists that he knows her better. Akshay warns Ranbir about Mihika's difficult nature and informs him that he is checking his background. Ranbir confidently states that he loves Prachi and is willing to be tested. Akshay admits that handling Mihika is challenging and cautions Ranbir to be prepared.

At another moment, Mihika consults Pandit ji about her palm, but he says it is not the right time. Prachi greets the Pandit and Ashok informs him about Mihika's upcoming engagement. Pandit ji explains that this year's mahurat is exceptionally auspicious and rare. He mentions that unmarried couples can also take part in the rituals but emphasizes the importance of having true feelings for each other. Prachi and Mihika leave the scene, followed by Akshay and Ranbir. Mihika expresses her concern to Ranbir, noting that unmarried couples should have genuine emotions. Prachi regrets her actions and confesses to Akshay that she feels guilty for depriving him of his happiness. Akshay tells her that he won't judge her and shares his philosophy of marrying someone they truly love. He assures Prachi that he finds joy in her happiness. Prachi reflects on her decision to marry for her daughter's sake and realizes that if Ranbir had married someone who loved him, he would be happier. Akshay advises Prachi not to hurt someone's feelings if they genuinely try to win her heart.