Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update The episode begins with Ranbir assuring Mihika that all the family members will hate him after what he is about to do, but not right now. Mihika leaves and Ranbir thinks he can't leave so early. Akshay asks Vishaka to listen to him and says everything is fine between them. Vishaka tells him that he can't fool her and asks him to explain what he means by wanting to win her heart. He says he loves Prachi a lot, but today she was angry and brushed off his hand when he tried to hold hers. So he told her that he wants to touch her heart. Vishaka tells him that he can fool others, but not her. Akshay says he likes it when she cares for him and his marriage. Vishaka says she has seen married women having affairs and then the guys getting blamed.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and how he didn't come for Mihika but came for her. Ranbir comes to her and asks what she is thinking about. Prachi says she knows very well what is going on in his mind. She says she knows that he came for her. Ranbir says she understands him so well. Prachi says they never had understanding, only fights. She says he was lucky to have her in his life and that she was the best among others. He asks if they are best together, then why did they separate? He walks away. Prachi thinks that even now her heart feels and beats for him, and wonders how he could think bad of her. Vishaka asks Ashok to observe Ranbir's behavior with Prachi and Mihika. Ashok asks Vishaka what's going on in her heart and tells her not to create puzzles. They see Ranbir going to Mihika. Manpreet comes to Vishaka and Ashok. Vishaka says Manpreet has arrived and she feels that she fills his ears. Ashok asks her to continue. Vishaka tells him that Ranbir was about to marry Prachi's sister, but he didn't. She says the equation between Ranbir and Prachi is different and not that of relatives. She says she will prove how Prachi looks at Ranbir. Prachi arrives and looks at Ranbir. Ranbir also looks at her and then turns his face. Prachi recalls his words and gets upset. Mihika tells Ranbir that she will get something from her room. She is about to leave when she slips and drops marbles from her hands. Prachi is about to fall too. Ranbir and Akshay rush to save them. Prachi thinks Ranbir came to save her, but Ranbir runs past her and holds Mihika. Akshay comes and catches Prachi before she falls. Prachi says it's a good thing he saved her, or she would have fallen. She gets angry at Ranbir. Ashok tells Vishaka that Ranbir saved Mihika. Vishaka says she might be wrong. Mihika apologizes to Ranbir and explains that the marbles fell. Ranbir tells her it's not her fault and asks her not to worry. Mihika recalls Micky scolding her in front of people when she fell down, and her friend telling her that all guys are the same. Ranbir asks Mihika if she is hurt and says he will get her some medicine. He takes her away from there. Mihika asks how he knows what medicine to take. He jokes that he has been injured many times and knows the medicine. He says he used to tease girls standing at the crossroad, then adds that he was joking. Ranbir apologizes to her for being drunk when they first met. She says he saved her that time. She says sorry for mistaking him as the boss of the goons for some time. He asks her not to feel bad.

Manpreet praises Ranbir for saving Mihika. Divya and Neha say that Ranbir doesn't care about anyone and took Mihika to a room. Vishaka says she might have been wrong. Akshay says he should apologize to Ranbir for thinking ill of him. Ashok says he liked him when he first saw him. They mention that Mihika chose the right guy for the first time. Divya and Neha say Ranbir is Mihika's Shahrukh. Vishaka asks who Shahrukh is. Abhay says their driver and jokes. Prachi overhears them. The servant says Ranbir is "sarvagunn sampan" (full of qualities) and really good. Vishaka says Ranbir is a good guy and asks Prachi. Prachi says yes and leaves upset. Akshay notices her. Ashok tells Vishaka that she should have expressed her feelings to Prachi. Akshay smiles.

Ranbir applies ointment to Mihika's hand. Mihika says there's no one here, so he doesn't need to act. Ranbir says he's not acting and genuinely cares for her, asking if she has never met a good guy before. Mihika says he is so good and asks about the girl who was in his life. She tells him not to talk to her. He says they do talk but not on the phone. Ranbir says he still loves her, but she hates him. Mihika says he is sweet and asks how anyone can hate him. He wishes she could see him from her perspective. Mihika looks at him with a smile as he blows on her hand. Divya, Abhay, and Neha watch them from outside. Prachi also arrives there and gets upset seeing him with Mihika. They enter the room. Ranbir asks Prachi to come inside too. Prachi says she has some work and leaves. Neha teases them. Abhay tells them they can continue. Ranbir says he will leave now and