A Night of Revelations: Dreams and Desires Collide - Scene 1

Jahan turned to Seerat and asked, "Are you ready?" With a nod, she replied, "Yeah." As Jahan got ready, Seerat expressed her urgency, "I wanted to talk to you. It's very important." Jahan understood, "Is it about my parents' travel arrangements? Don't worry; it's all taken care of. The doctor will approve, and they'll be here soon. I can't wait to return what they lost so quickly. I want to succeed so much that they regain their lost respect." Seerat hesitated, about to say something when a photographer arrived for a photoshoot. Seerat decided they could talk later.

Junooniyat 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Ilahi prepared for her first recording, feeling nervous but hopeful. In the studio, Jahan sang, and Jordan indulged in drinks at a party. Ilahi sent her recording to a music producer, adding a personal touch to a song sung by Sultan. She hoped they would appreciate her version. Suddenly, a call came, informing Ilahi of Jordan's reckless behavior. She rushed to the scene, where Jordan was heavily intoxicated, causing trouble with his friends. 

Upon reaching there, Jordan noticed Ilahi and became aggressive. He pulled her and even hit his friend who tried to intervene. Despite her concerns for his safety, Jordan insisted on driving. In the scuffle, Ilahi fell on the car bonnet, and Jordan's friends worriedly asked if she was okay. Jordan's state worsened, and he attempted to drive, but Ilahi had the car key. When he tried to take it from her, he eventually fainted. Ilahi asked them to book a cab for him.

(Scene 2)

Later, Baljeet asked Jahan to attend a friend's engagement, where Dada Ji also received an invite. However, Jordan confronted Ilahi about picking up Karan's phone, which led to a heated argument. Feeling frustrated about his stalled music career, Jordan expressed envy towards Ilahi's success, mentioning the canceled interview due to Sultan's popularity. Ilahi tried to console him, emphasizing that both of them deserved success and should pursue their dreams together.

(Scene 3)

The next day, Ilahi served breakfast to everyone, and Dada Ji asked about Jordan's late arrival the previous night. Ilahi assured them that he had returned on time. Amid compliments for Ilahi's dedication as a wife, Seerat observed Jahan asleep and contemplated confessing her feelings after the concert. An invitation arrived for Seerat, but she declined, opting to prepare for the concert instead. Ilahi also received an invitation for a business partner's son's engagement, and despite some initial hesitation, she agreed to attend with her family.

(Scene 3 Continued)

As the Mehta family got ready for the engagement, they appreciated each other's looks. Rasika admired Ilahi's beauty but expressed concern about her fitting in their circle. However, Ilahi reassured them that she would not embarrass anyone and would go wherever her family went.

At the engagement venue, Jahan and Ilahi unexpectedly came face to face, causing a moment of shock for both families. Jordan noticed them and confronted Ilahi, questioning her knowledge about Jahan's presence there.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience eagerly waiting to see how the night of revelations unfolds.


In the upcoming episode, secrets will be unveiled as the Mehta family grapples with unexpected encounters, and Ilahi faces Jordan's suspicion about her connection with Jahan. The engagement night promises to be full of surprises and emotions.