In Scene 1, Ilahi pleads with Amar not to leave, while Jahan arrives home to find Seerat engrossed in watching TV. Jahan explains that he had been trying to call Ilahi, but she had ignored his numerous missed calls. Seerat expresses her disappointment and accuses Jahan of enjoying the rainy weather with his girlfriend. Jahan counters by revealing that he found a girl, whom he loves, unconscious on the road. Seerat is shocked by this revelation.

Junooniyat 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Moving to Scene 2, Amar expresses his relief to Ilahi, thanking God for her safety. Ilahi credits Amar's prayers for her rescue, but she breaks down in tears. Amar comforts her and offers to take her with him. Ilahi pleads with him, asking him to take her away. Amar recalls the recent events and questions Ilahi's accusation against Jordan. He believes there might be some confusion or shock affecting her. Amar requests permission to take Ilahi with him, which Inder grants. However, Mahip expresses concern about the immaturity of the younger generation, suggesting that they need guidance. Biji supports Amar's decision, stating that he should talk to Ilahi, while Jordan hands over Ilahi's phone to Amar.

In Scene 3, Jahan arrives at the hospital but finds that Ilahi has already been discharged. Confused, Jahan inquires about Ilahi at the reception, learning that she left with her father, Amar. Amar notices Jahan and attempts to approach him, but a nurse intercepts him to complete discharge procedures. Jahan drives away, leaving Amar shocked. Amar questions why Ilahi went with Amar and not Jordan, growing suspicious of Jahan's actions. He retrieves Ilahi's file from the receptionist, further intrigued by the fact that Jahan brought her to the hospital.

Moving to the next scene, Ilahi returns home, and Biji expresses her gratitude for her well-being. Ginni, however, voices her concerns about Ilahi staying there permanently. Amar defends Ilahi, asserting that she is his daughter and will always have a place there. Ilahi receives a call from Jordan, which she dismisses. Amar questions her about ending the call abruptly, but Ilahi claims she needs rest and leaves the room. Amar is shocked by her behavior. Biji expresses her concerns about Ilahi's drama and accuses her of acting like her mother. Ginni suggests that Ilahi's actions are motivated by her feelings for Jahan, while Mahip blames Jahan for the rift between Ilahi and Jordan.

In the following scene, Jahan arrives outside Ilahi's house, determined to uncover the truth behind her presence there. Ilahi cries alone in her room, while Biji laments her behavior and fears that she will bring more problems. Ginni suggests that Ilahi's actions are driven by her love for Jahan, while Biji reprimands Amar for not resolving Ilahi's marriage. Ilahi receives a call from Jordan, which she ignores, further escalating the tension between them. Bebe confronts Jordan, questioning his absence during Ilahi's hospitalization. Mahip manipulates the situation, claiming that Jahan is the reason for the strain between Ilahi and Jordan.

In a separate scene, Jahan contemplates Ilahi's sudden appearance at home and vows to uncover the truth. Ilahi seeks solace in her room while Biji and Amar discuss the situation. Amar assures Ilahi that they will discuss everything later, emphasizing that this is also her home. Ilahi receives a call from Jordan, which she rejects. Amar questions her decision, and Ilahi requests rest. Amar is left perplexed by her behavior. Meanwhile, Jahan leaves the premises, and Dharam stops him.

Mahip reveals to Jordan that Ilahi is not as innocent as he thinks and accuses her of being jealous of his career. He shares their plan to intervene and fix Ilahi's marriage. Bebe suggests talking to Ilahi, but Mahip insists that only Amar can handle the situation. Amar comforts Ilahi, urging her not to cry, and requests the truth from her. Ilahi proceeds to share her side of the story, revealing Jordan's true nature and how she ended up in the hospital. Amar recalls Jahan's involvement and grows furious, realizing that Jahan brought Ilahi to the hospital. Ilahi insists she is telling the truth and expresses her decision not to return to Jordan. Amar disagrees, stressing the importance of relationships over personal dreams. He implores Ilahi to go back and mend her marriage, warning her of dire consequences otherwise. Ilahi is shocked by Amar's ultimatum.

The episode concludes with a precap in which Amar confronts Jahan and physically assaults him, demanding that he never show his face to Ilahi if he truly loved her. Meanwhile, Jordan asks Ilahi if she will return home, and she responds by emphasizing the need for spouses to support each other. Ilahi offers to return if Jordan agrees.