Jahan drives away while Ilahi remains unconscious on the road. Jordan frantically searches for Ilahi and Mahip instructs him to find her and bring her home. Jordan's husband overhears their conversation and Mahip is shocked. Jordan continues to search for Ilahi, and Amar tries to call her but her phone is off. Jahan's car stops again and he comes across Ilahi lying injured on the road. He is shocked to see her and carries her to his car. Ilahi is unconscious and Jahan rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jordan calls Mahip in distress, unable to find Ilahi anywhere and expressing his love for her. Mehta suggests that they go home and find a solution, but Mahip stops Inder from involving the police due to potential complications.

Junooniyat 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

At the hospital, Jahan gets Ilahi admitted and reveals that he found her on the road. The doctor asks about their relationship, and Jahan explains that he doesn't know her and only recognized her as the winner of a music contest. Ilahi's family arrives at Jordan's house and Jordan admits to having a small argument with Ilahi before she left the car and took an auto. Amar is devastated and blames Jordan for letting her go. Amar receives a call informing him that Ilahi is in the hospital, and they rush there. Biji prays for Ilahi's well-being, and Amar asks about her condition. The nurse assures them that she is out of danger.

Meanwhile, Jahan remains outside the hospital, observing Ilahi's family's love and concern for her. Amar asks to meet the person who brought Ilahi to the hospital, but the doctor informs them that he has already left. The family decides not to involve the police until Ilahi recovers. Jahan receives a call from Baljeet, Seerat's mother, asking about Seerat's whereabouts. Amar tries to contact Seerat but her phone is off. Ilahi regains consciousness and becomes agitated when she sees Amar and asks him to send Jordan away, claiming she doesn't want to see him. Amar is shocked by her reaction.

In the next scene, Ilahi is awake and panicking. She tells Amar that Jordan intentionally left her on the road to die and pleads for him to leave. Amar tries to calm her down and explains that small fights happen in marriages. However, Ilahi insists that it was not a small matter and expresses her fear of Jordan. Amar is taken aback by her revelation. The episode ends with Jahan inquiring about Ilahi's condition from a nurse while Amar observes him.

In the upcoming episode, Amar advises Ilahi to go back to Jordan, but she refuses, stating that she doesn't want to see him again. Jahan meets Dharam and makes a request regarding Ilahi, while Amar confronts Jahan and asks him to promise not to meet Ilahi again.