The episode begins with Ilahi getting ready to go to the M-series office. It's raining outside as she waits for her cab. Jordan approaches her, insisting on giving her a ride since he knows she's heading to the M-series office. Ilahi declines, but Jordan expresses his concern and claims he was trying to protect her. Sukwinder calls Ilahi, and she informs him that she'll be at the office by 6. As she tries to refuse Jordan's offer again, he opens the car door and pleads with her to give him a chance, stating that he cares for her. Reluctantly, Ilahi gets into the car.

Junooniyat 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Sultan engages in a meet and greet with the media, who inquire about his rise to fame. He credits Seerat's hard work and God's blessings. Seerat announces Sultan's upcoming concerts, and he recalls Ilahi's statement about wanting him to succeed exclusively. As Jordan drives at high speed, Ilahi grows confused and questions their destination. She realizes they are heading away from the city instead of towards the office. Ilahi demands that Jordan stop the car, but he remains silent. Frustrated, she insists on knowing where he is taking her. Jordan finally speaks, asking rhetorically if she thinks she can stop the car and threatening to show her his true limits. He reveals that he has been deceiving everyone since childhood, including his family and loved ones, and claims that his innocent and smiling face is just a facade.

In another scene, a reporter questions Sultan about the story behind his mask. Seerat explains that every artist has an identity, but Jordan interjects, mentioning that only his mother knows the extent of his limits and what he is capable of. Back in the car, Ilahi continues to plead with Jordan to stop, expressing her fear and asking to return home. Jordan challenges her, questioning why she, an independent woman, is suddenly scared and suggesting that she learns to find her way back. Ilahi is left shocked and frightened.

Meanwhile, Jahan is also on the road, but his car breaks down. He steps out to inspect the vehicle and searches for a mechanic. In the car, Ilahi desperately implores Jordan not to leave her in the jungle and to take her home. However, he remains cold-hearted and drives away. Ilahi falls to the ground, crying, while Jordan leaves her alone in the rain. Ilahi's feet begin to bleed as she sits there, devastated. She calls out for help, but her pleas go unanswered. Jahan, outside on the road, hears someone crying and looks around, trying to locate the source. He eventually spots a car and attempts to stop it for assistance but returns to his own vehicle without success. Ilahi continues to cry in the jungle, feeling abandoned and helpless.

In a different scene, Babu ji asks about Ilahi and Jordan, and Mahip informs him that they have gone out. Babu ji assumes the young couple is enjoying the rainy weather. Jordan returns home, and Babu ji asks about Ilahi's whereabouts. Jordan claims to have no knowledge since she isn't always by his side. His brother reprimands him for his language, and Mahip demands an apology. Jordan reluctantly says sorry, but Babu ji still wants to know where Ilahi is. Jordan confesses that he left her in the jungle. Mahip is shocked and scolds him, worried about Ilahi's safety. Jordan gets into the car, intending to bring her back.

Back in the jungle, Ilahi sees snakes in the water and becomes terrified. She attempts to stand up and escape, hoping to find someone who can help her. Jahan, who is trying to start his car, eventually succeeds. Ilahi comes out onto the road, desperately seeking assistance. However, Jahan unknowingly drives away without seeing her. Ilahi runs after the car, pleading for help, but she falls and hits her head on a stone.

Jordan realizes the severity of his actions and regrets leaving Ilahi in the jungle. Babu ji scolds him for his behavior, and Mahip expresses concern about Ilahi's well-being. Jahan feels a strange connection as if Ilahi is reaching out for help but is unable to see her face clearly. Ilahi loses consciousness, and Jahan remarks that no one seems to be around.