The film 'LGM' marks the debut production venture for Sakshi Singh Dhoni. It is the first motion picture to be produced under their new banner. Ramesh Tamilmani, renowned director, helms the film which stars Harish Kalyan and Evana in the lead roles. The narrative is woven around a comedic concept, highlighting the journey of in-laws becoming acquainted prior to their daughter-in-law's arrival in the family.

Ivana: Video song release from 'LGM'!

This multilingual cinematic work will grace both Tamil and Telugu screens on August 4. As the release date draws near, the promotional activities have ramped up. In a recent promotional move, a music video from the movie was unveiled. Titled 'Lalana .. Lalana Prema Ollo Padana', the song unfolds against the backdrop of a serene beach, shot under the cover of night featuring the lead characters.

Ramesh Tamilmani, apart from directing, has also composed the music for 'LGM'. Renowned actors like Nadiya, Yogibabu, and Deepa Shankar play crucial roles in the film. Evana, who has already won over Telugu cinema lovers with her performance in 'Love Today', aims to widen her fanbase with this movie.