Perplexed, Hina questions Hamida on why she's brought a donkey. Hamida asserts the beast is here to escort someone from the house, specifically Gazal, Hina's daughter-in-law. Hamida had been invited to reconcile the situation and perceived that Hina was struggling with Gazal's presence. In her attempt to offer a solution, she'd brought the donkey, symbolically suggesting Gazal's departure. She compares her daughter to a moon and Gazal to an eclipse, insisting that Gazal mount the donkey and depart. Despite Dua's protest, Hamida remains firm, instructing Gazal to avoid agitating the animal. Gazal is visibly upset and protests. The rest of the family, including Dadi and Gulnaz, find this amusing, leading to a round of laughter. Hamida persists, compelling Gazal to accept her fate and join the donkey, saying that the stable is her rightful home. The situation escalates as Hina intervenes. Hina finds Hamida's antics amusing but defends Gazal, challenging Hamida if she'd treat her daughter-in-law in the same manner. Hamida defends her stance and expresses her dissatisfaction with Gazal's performance as a daughter-in-law, expressing a preference for someone like Dua. The conversation ends on a light note with Hina hoping Hamida finds a suitable daughter-in-law, given that Hafeez is a good son. Suspicious of Hina's kindness, Gulnaz and Dadi speculate on her motives. Hina invites Hamida for a private chat, leaving Dua worried about her mother being manipulated by Hina.

Scene 2

In a private setting, Hina asks Hamida about her journey, only to receive a witty response from Hamida about bringing her own problems with her. Hamida expresses her discomfort with being in the house that ruined her daughter's life and talking to Hina, who dislikes her daughter.

Meanwhile, Gazal is in the kitchen, being pursued by the donkey. She tries to ward off the animal, even threatening to flee, but the donkey stubbornly latches onto her dupatta, creating a comical scene.

Hafeez tries to console Kaynaat who is worried that Hamida suspects their relationship. She fears that due to Haider's previous actions with Dua, Hamida would not approve of them. Haider overhears this and reassures them that he would bear the consequences of his actions and wouldn't let his past actions affect his sister. Watching this, Noor is optimistic that Haider would also support her relationship with Ajaz.

Gazal is tasked with serving food to Hamida, but Dua, not trusting Gazal, insists that Gazal taste the food first. Dua speculates that Gazal could have poisoned the food, resulting in an argument. The others, including Haider, also doubt Gazal, who is then compelled to taste the food to prove her innocence. 

Rabb Se Hai Dua, a popular drama series known for its captivating storyline and relatable characters, has kept its audience on the edge of their seats. The episode aired on 24th July 2023 brings new tension and a significant plot twist.

Previously on Rabb Se Hai Dua

 Hina’s dilemma

Hina, our seemingly confident protagonist, has been trapped in a whirlpool of indecisiveness. Faced with a critical decision, she finds herself torn between loyalty and personal principles.

 Hamida's harsh behavior

Hamida, the formidable antagonist, has been a significant source of conflict with her abrasive attitude. Her biting words and callous actions have fueled many confrontations.

 Gazal: The Innocent Bystander

Sweet and innocent Gazal, unfortunately, often ends up being the collateral damage in these standoffs. Her vulnerability has made her an easy target for Hamida's scorn.

The 24th July 2023 Episode: A Quick Overview

The recent episode throws light on Hina's surprising decision. Hina, in a twist of events, allows Hamida to insult Gazal. This episode certainly adds a new dimension to Hina's character and paves the way for some intense drama.

 Hina’s Surprising Decision

Hina's stance

Hina's decision to remain silent during Gazal's insult raises questions. Did she do this out of fear, or is there a hidden motive?

The aftermath of Hina's decision

This action further complicates relationships, particularly with Gazal, who sees Hina as a support system. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact their friendship.

 Hamida's Insult to Gazal

 The confrontation scene
The confrontation scene where Hamida insults Gazal is intensely dramatic. Hamida's venomous words are a harsh blow to the gentle Gazal.

 Gazal's reaction

Gazal's reaction to the insult portrays her inner strength. Despite being visibly shaken, she holds her ground, adding a layer of intrigue to her character.

 Impact on Other Characters

Character reactions

The incident sparks diverse reactions from other characters, fueling more tension. It pushes the plot forward and provides more depth to the ongoing story.

 Further escalations

The aftermath is a ripe setup for further escalations. The incident has triggered an array of events that might spiral into unexpected consequences.

The Audience's Response

The episode has elicited strong reactions from the audience. The unexpected twist has intensified their anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

 Unfolding Drama: Future Episode Expectations

This incident sets the stage for an escalating drama. Will Hina rectify her mistake? How will Gazal cope with the situation? These questions loom large in the minds of the viewers.

 Rabb Se Hai Dua: What Makes It Unique

Rabb Se Hai Dua stands out for its intense storytelling and realistic portrayal of emotions. This episode, like every other, leaves the audience yearning for more.

The Role of Scriptwriters

The credit for the immersive storytelling goes to the scriptwriters. Their skillful weaving of complex emotions and situations is commendable.