The episode of Barsatein on 24th July 2023 commences with Reyansh bidding a heartfelt farewell to Aradhna, then climbing into his car, watching her retreat into her residence.

Barsatein 24st July 2023 Written Episode Update

Reyansh's gaze fixes on the rear-view mirror, a smile creeps onto his face as he contemplates his own reflection. He recalls Aradhna's praise regarding his captivating expression when he smiles.

On the other hand, Aradhna stands at the doorstep, rapping lightly, her heart filled with hope that this time Harsh won't reprimand her too severely.

Bhakti welcomes Aradhna inside, instructing her to change her attire and retire to bed. She reveals that Harsh has already retreated to his room for the night. This revelation stuns Aradhna as she was mentally prepared for yet another round of disputes.

The following day, Reyansh shares with Aradhna that he and Vikram plan to visit Pooja's home, with the intention of accompanying her to her new abode. This news elates Aradhna.

She informs Harsh about her plans to visit Pooja's house. However, Harsh remains nonchalant, not responding to her announcement. Instead, he encourages her to proceed as she deems fit.

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