The story unfolds with Reyansh questioning Vikram's deceit. Aradhna suggests that Reyansh might have invented the tale. Vikram confesses he fibbed to stop Reyansh from jumping to conclusions. Pooja teases Reyansh. Reyansh requests her to elaborate and questions Aradhna about her relationship status. Aradhna confirms her singlehood, prompting Reyansh to question her association with Krishnan. She clarifies that it was just a conversation, blaming Reyansh's misinterpretations on his perverse mind. Aradhna further explains about her past relationship, which ended prematurely due to her father's disapproval.

Barsatein 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

Reyansh, acknowledging her father as a decent man, asks if Aradhna's father approves of him. Aradhna affirms and Reyansh is elated to know she is single. Amidst these revelations, the wedding ceremony of Vikram and Pooja takes place with Reyansh and Aradhna acting as witnesses. However, the arrival of Harsh and Sharma, who express their anger upon witnessing the union, disrupts the celebration. 

Pooja defends her decision, stating that she willingly chose Vikram as her husband after facing unjust treatment from her family. In response to Sharma's rage, Reyansh intervenes and asks for calm, further highlighting the presence of law enforcement and a judge. He justifies Vikram as an ideal partner for Pooja and the situation is eventually pacified, leaving Harsh and Bhakti to depart in resentment.

Vikram reassures Pooja's family about her happiness, and with the help of a court order presented by Reyansh, convinces them of his honest intentions. Pooja's parents begrudgingly accept the situation and Pooja, Vikram, Reyansh, and Aradhna share an emotional moment.

Later, Reyansh and Vikram unwind at a cafĂ©, discussing the day's events. Vikram confesses that he lied about his relationship with Aradhna to ease Reyansh's stress. He urges Reyansh to acknowledge his feelings for Aradhna and make a move. 

When Aradhna arrives, she joins Reyansh and questions Vikram's sudden departure. Reyansh replies that Vikram went to inform his mother about the new bride, eliciting playful banter between them. Reyansh is then asked to give Aradhna a lift home, during which they share light-hearted moments. 

In the next episode, viewers can look forward to Reyansh and Aradhna's growing bond, Harsh's intention to reveal a hidden truth, and a dance sequence featuring Reyansh and Aradhna.