The episode commences with a heated argument between Aradhna and Reyansh. However, the tension is diffused as Reyansh apologizes, realizing they are on the same team after Vikram revealed everything. While they are still in conversation, Aradhna receives a call from Krishnan and agrees to meet him at the office reception. Surprised to learn of Krishnan's presence, Reyansh heads to the CCTV room to observe him and Aradhna.

Barsatein 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Upon seeing Krishnan and Aradhna together, Reyansh makes a disparaging comment about Krishnan. Vikram arrives at that moment and questions Reyansh's behavior, asking if he is spying on someone. Reyansh explains that he only wants to ensure that Vikram's sister is safe, but Vikram chides him, urging him not to assume the worst about girls' characters. Realizing his mistake, Reyansh apologizes, and Vikram then reveals his intention to marry and seeks Reyansh's help.

As the group discusses Krishnan, Aradhna points out that they are reporters, not detectives, but Vikram remains curious about his sister's life. Reyansh, still wary of Krishnan's actions, finds him violent, leading to a confrontation where Krishnan accidentally hits Sunaina, eliciting Reyansh's fury. After the situation is resolved, Aradhna advises Krishnan to leave.

Reyansh later confesses to Vikram that he attempted to confront Krishnan, but Vikram doesn't seem concerned, assuring him that Aradhna is not jealous like him. Vikram's sister, Pooja, calls him, and he frets about her eloping to marry him, expressing his worries about her parents' disapproval. Reyansh consoles Vikram, promising to handle everything and ensuring they get married that night.

Reyansh discreetly observes Aradhna, who smiles upon noticing the CCTV camera, hinting at a potential mutual attraction between them. As Vikram shares his plan to elope with Pooja, he seeks Aradhna's help. Reluctantly, she agrees, and Reyansh leaves the scene, wearing shades.

At the anniversary party, the atmosphere is festive, with Vivek making elaborate arrangements. Reyansh jokingly remarks about love and marriage, and Vivek suggests that he, too, might fall in love someday. Reyansh reveals Vikram's intentions to get married that night, with the threat of Pooja being married off to someone else by her parents. Aradhna decides to help them, and Vikram expresses his gratitude. Reyansh's curiosity about Aradhna's feelings for him becomes evident during a conversation with Kadambari.

However, Sharma and Harsh, Pooja's family, discover the plan and lock Pooja and Aradhna in a room. Despite the setback, Reyansh manages to convince a judge to sign the marriage certificate for Vikram and Pooja. Meanwhile, someone cuts the power at Pooja's house, creating an opportunity for Reyansh to help Pooja escape.

As the episode ends, Reyansh and Aradhna share a tender moment, and Reyansh hints at his feelings for her. Vikram and Aradhna sit together at the wedding mandap, while Reyansh observes from a distance, seemingly entangled in a web of emotions.

The story of Reyansh and Aradhna unfolds in an unconventional and intriguing manner, promising to captivate viewers with its unexpected twists and turns.