The episode begins with Aradhna engaging in a conversation with Krishnan. Bhakti suggests that Krishnan is a nice guy and encourages Aradhna to consider him. However, Aradhna seeks solace in her sisters, who advise her to deceive Krishnan by fabricating a story about her aggressive boyfriend. Reluctantly, Aradhna complies and reveals her made-up tale to Krishnan.

Meanwhile, Reyansh, Aradhna's boyfriend, drives recklessly to her house, venting his frustration by causing mayhem along the way. Aradhna describes him as being deranged, uncaring about others. Reyansh arrives at her doorstep and loudly demands that she come downstairs, attracting the attention of curious neighbors. Concerned, Aradhna spots Reyansh and questions his actions. Harsh, her father, inquires about the stranger's identity, and she informs him that Reyansh is her boss. Aradhna decides to meet Reyansh, leaving her family behind.

Barsatein 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Upon encountering Reyansh, Aradhna reproaches him for entering her house and concocting a false story. He arrogantly insists that Harsh should take better care of his daughter's reputation. Enraged, Aradhna's father scolds her.

Aradhna resolves not to work with Reyansh any longer, feeling deeply hurt by his insult to her father. Vivek suggests preventing the story from being leaked to spare Kadambari any distress. Sunaina urges them to identify the culprit behind the leak. Reyansh dismisses the importance of Kadambari's privacy and expresses his disdain for having untrustworthy individuals in his office. Vivek assures him that they will handle the situation and expresses his concern about Aradhna. Vikram arrives and informs them that Aradhna is not responsible for the leak, as per his sources.

Fueled by her anger, Aradhna hands in her resignation to Reyansh, admonishing him for his behavior and calling him a coward. She demands that he keep his personal and professional lives separate, criticizing his inability to control his emotions. Despite his attempts to apologize, Aradhna remains resolute in her decision and leaves, claiming that she cannot work with him any longer.

Devastated by the loss of her job, Aradhna unexpectedly stumbles upon Pooja, a friend, at a café with a guy. To her surprise, the guy turns out to be Vikram. Aradhna accuses Vikram of orchestrating the events that led to her job loss, but Pooja defends him, stating that she only wanted to help Aradhna. Overwhelmed with emotions, Aradhna accompanies Pooja back home.

When Aradhna returns home, she witnesses Reyansh conversing with her family. Reyansh apologizes for his previous outburst and informs everyone that the office car will pick up Aradhna from now on. Impressed by Reyansh's newfound humility, Bhakti commends him for his pleasant demeanor. However, Aradhna stands her ground and reveals that she has already resigned. Reyansh, determined to change her mind, informs her that he has received a promotion and apologizes to her parents. Yet, Aradhna challenges him, demanding an apology from him as well. In a playful manner, Reyansh hands her the promotion letter and assures her with a smile. Amused, Aradhna asks him to practice smiling more and leaves.

While Hrishita teases Aradhna for softening towards Reyansh, Aradhna vehemently denies any affection for him. However, Reyansh's actions and words continue to linger in her mind, leaving her perplexed. The next morning, Reyansh's driver notices his unusual smile and questions his well-being. Reyansh encounters a young boy begging for money and jokingly asks if his smile is satisfactory. The boy insists that Reyansh should smile more, prompting him to fake another smile. Curious about his behavior, everyone in the office becomes concerned about Reyansh's emotional state. Aradhna can't help but laugh.

Reyansh asks Aradhna to meet him in his cabin, where he assigns her a new task to cover an event at the airport. Aradhna playfully reminds him to smile more often and mentions her father's dental clinic advertisement. Despite their banter, she advises him to practice smiling genuinely. Meanwhile, Vikram confronts Aradhna about revealing his secret to Pooja, but she dismisses his concerns. Sunaina suggests planning something exciting for the employees, while Reyansh observes Vikram and Aradhna's conversation with curiosity.

In the upcoming events, Reyansh finds himself in a heated argument with Kadambari, while Harsh contemplates revealing the truth to Aradhna. Meanwhile, Vikram and Aradhna discuss Pooja, and Reyansh unexpectedly enters the scene.