The episode begins with Aradhna speaking to Krishnan. Bhakti suggests that she consider him as he is a nice guy. Aradhna joins her sisters, who advise her to lie to Krishnan about her aggressive boyfriend. Aradhna informs Krishnan about her crazy boyfriend, and Reyansh arrives at her house, causing a commotion. Aradhna introduces him to her father, Harsh, as her boss. Reyansh angrily asks Harsh to control his daughter if he values his respect and leaves. Harsh scolds Aradhna for her actions.

Barsatein 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Aradhna decides not to work with Reyansh anymore as he insulted her father. Vivek suggests preventing the story from spreading further to avoid upsetting Kadambari. Sunaina instructs her team to find out who leaked the story. Reyansh expresses his anger and states that he doesn't care about Kadambari's privacy. Vikram informs him that Aradhna is not responsible for the leak, according to his sources. Aradhna decides to resign and confronts Reyansh, calling him a coward and demanding that he keep his personal and professional lives separate. She refuses to work with him and hands in her resignation. Reyansh admits his mistake and apologizes, but Aradhna remains firm in her decision. She leaves.

Aradhna feels like she has lost her job, and then she witnesses Pooja with Vikram at a café. She confronts Vikram, accusing him of knowing about Pooja and sending her to that party. Pooja explains that she only wanted to help Aradhna. Aradhna blames Reyansh for insulting her and suggests that he needs therapy. Vikram denies any involvement and tells Aradhna that he loves her. Pooja asks Vikram to leave, and she takes Aradhna home. When Aradhna arrives home, she sees Reyansh talking to her family. Reyansh apologizes for his anger and informs them that the office car will come to pick up Aradhna. Aradhna asks him to come outside and tells him that she has quit her job. Reyansh tries to convince her to stay, saying they will change her mind. Aradhna refuses, and Reyansh reveals that he has been promoted and apologized to her parents. Aradhna asks if he apologized to her as well, and he admits his mistake. She leaves.

She recalls the events and goes to a café, where she sees Reyansh smiling. She tells him to practice his smile and laughs at him. The next day, Reyansh fakes a smile, which causes everyone to worry about him. Aradhna finds it amusing. Reyansh assigns her a new task to cover an assignment at the airport. She jokes with him and asks him to smile. Vikram expresses his concern about Pooja, and Reyansh notices Vikram and Aradhna together. He becomes curious and wants to meet the girl Vikram is worried about. Aradhna goes to Pooja's house, and Reyansh sees her on the screen. He argues with Vikram and insists on meeting the girl. Aradhna calls Vikram, and he assumes she has some work.

In the preview, Reyansh argues with Kadambari, and Harsh suggests telling the truth to Aradhna. Vikram and Aradhna discuss Pooja, and Reyansh arrives at their location.