The episode begins with Reyansh expressing his willingness to take a risk for the sake of the truth. A female intern presents him with a birthday cake and starts singing a song. As she lights the candles and asks him to make a wish, Reyansh becomes angry. Everyone watches in concern as he destroys and sets fire to the cake. He instructs everyone to leave and starts drinking alcohol. Aradhna notices his pain and consoles the intern, who mentions that Reyansh dislikes celebrating his birthday. Aradhna disagrees with the intern's statement.

Barsatein 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Reyansh approaches Vikram and tries to talk to him, but Vikram suggests that he drink as much as he wants. Vikram engages in a conversation with a girl on his phone, telling her that they couldn't meet because he is with her. He advises her to seek therapy, heal, and move on, emphasizing that he is her childhood friend and will support her. In a fit of anger, Reyansh drops Vikram's phone into a drink. He then calls home and inquires about who is there. Shambu informs him that Sir (Reyansh) hasn't arrived yet, but a song is playing in the background. Reyansh quickly disconnects the call and returns to the office.

Meanwhile, Aradhna speaks with Pooja on the phone, discussing Reyansh's behavior. Suddenly, a group of people arrives at the office and protests against Reyansh, stating that they won't tolerate the insult of their minister. Aradhna asks one of the men to call the police. The protesters start damaging things in the office. Aradhna rushes to lock the Master Control Room (MCR) and decides to check on it. Inside the MCR, she calls Vikram and is shocked to find Reyansh there. Reyansh, who is drunk, starts singing. Aradhna confronts him, asking what he is doing there and if he is aware of the situation outside. Reyansh jokingly asks if someone threw a birthday party for him. Vikram calls Aradhna to inquire about Reyansh's state, revealing that Reyansh is broken on his birthday and had put Vikram's phone in a drink. Vikram mentions that he has put the sim card in another phone to contact Aradhna after watching the news. The protesters knock on the door of the MCR, but Aradhna manages to hold Reyansh back. The police arrive and arrest the protesters. Vikram and Sunaina also arrive at the scene. Vikram asks Aradhna to drop Reyansh home, so she takes Reyansh to his car, and they leave.

Aradhna drops Reyansh off at his home, where he encounters his mother. Reyansh addresses her as Kadambari ji and introduces Aradhna as his friend. He sarcastically tells Aradhna about a celebrity singer who is planning to file a case against him because he is a toxic bad boy. Kadambari expresses her desire for Reyansh to be more like his father and learn manners from him. However, Reyansh dismisses his father's praise as fake, stating that he doesn't want to be like him as he constantly suffers. He reveals that his mother didn't want to bring him into this world and that he was born despite her plans failing. He suggests that Aradhna leave and sleep, as they will meet again. Reyansh falls asleep on the sofa, leaving Aradhna worried. Kadambari tells Aradhna to be careful, as she believes she will soon fall in love with Reyansh. She advises Aradhna to learn from her mistakes since everyone makes them. Kadambari offers Aradhna water and arranges for a driver to take her home. Aradhna arrives home and expresses her gratitude to her parents for their support. She apologizes to Bhakti, hugs her family, and recalls making a wish for them to be her parents in every birth. Kadambari sings and reminisces about the past. Reyansh wakes up and looks for his phone. He reads a news article about his strained relationship with Kadambari and believes that Aradhna is responsible for it. He calls Vikram to discuss the matter and then contacts Sunaina, asking for an address.