Anupama 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In a quaint town, Barkha sought solace in meditation to control her anger. However, her efforts faced criticism from Ankush, who doubted the effectiveness of her practice. Together with her brother, Barkha had grand ambitions of acquiring the Kapadia Empire after the passing of Maaya, Anuj's wife. With Anuj preoccupied with CA, and Anupama leaving for the USA, they believed their plan was foolproof. Yet, to their dismay, their scheme went awry. Barkha attributed their failure to Anupama's interference, questioning why she chose to play the role of a mother when Barkha and her brother could have handled the situation.

Ankush argued that Barkha should respect Anupama's sacrifice, as she, too, was a mother. In response, Barkha mockingly referred to him as Anupama's devotee and pleaded for him to leave her be. Anuj chimed in, reminding them of Anupama's career sacrifice for her child, but Barkha scornfully mentioned his illegitimate child, warning him not to bring the matter into their conflict.

Meanwhile, Samar returned home, concerned about Anupama's well-being after his workshop ended abruptly. Vanraj understood his worry and advised them to give Anupama some space to process everything that had happened. However, Toshu arrived, sharing a newspaper article where Dimpy accused Anupama of breaking Malti Devi/MD's contract, causing significant losses for MD. The family felt betrayed by Dimpy's actions, and they feared the consequences Anupama might face.

In another setting, Dimpy defended her statements, causing further discord among the family members. Kinjal criticized her for speaking nonsense and urged her to consider mutual understanding rather than facts. The tension escalated, and the family became concerned about the looming storm that MD might unleash.

Despite the turmoil surrounding her, Anupama found solace in decorating a princess-themed room for CA. Anuj appreciated her efforts and spoke about parents' dedication to their children's happiness. The family celebrated the surprise and danced together, with Anupama emotionally cherishing the memory of her late friend, Maaya.

As life continued, MD prayed and schemed against Anupama, vowing to snatch away the reason that led to her loss of fame and reputation. Meanwhile, Anupama's dance academy faced an unexpected threat when MD decided to have it sealed.

Unaware of the storm brewing ahead, Anupama took a step towards reconciliation by visiting Gurumaa to apologize. However, the guru set a condition for forgiveness, requesting Anupama to dance on a song, "Sheela Ki Jawani."

As the tale unfolded, it became clear that Barkha's meditation and Anupama's sacrifices were intertwined in ways they never imagined, with unpredictable consequences awaiting them all.