Anupama 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama confronts Gurumaa, explaining that a mother, whether traditional like Leela or modern like Kavya and Kinjal, would always choose her child over personal dreams. She emphasizes the importance of a mother's selflessness and how it is prioritized in their holy scriptures, even giving the example of Lord Shiva needing mother Shakti. Anupama believes she is not wrong in her decision and hopes that Gurumaa will one day understand her perspective.

However, Gurumaa sarcastically applauds Anupama's lecture, stating that while a mother is considered the creator of the world and nature itself, Anupama's motherly nature ended up ruining her hard-earned name, fame, and efforts. Gurumaa blames Anupama for her trust and her losses, claiming that Anupama only cared about her family's well-being and ignored her responsibilities at the gurukul.

Anupama interrupts Gurumaa's accusations and admits that no one forced her to return; she came back because she feels responsible for Maaya's death. Anuj intervenes, but Anupama insists on explaining the truth. She reveals that Maaya died while trying to save her life, and the guilt of that incident is haunting her. Anupama shares how deeply she cares for Maaya's daughter and is willing to sacrifice her dreams for the sake of her family. She was on the verge of making a grave mistake when Maaya's soul appeared and convinced her to reconsider.

Anupama recalls the moment in the flight where she heard Maaya's plea not to abandon her duties as CA. This emotional experience led to her panic attack, and she had to stop the flight to gather herself. Despite Gurumaa's disapproval, Anupama justifies her actions, believing she made the right decision.

In the precap, it is hinted that Malti Devi might act in a harmful way, and Anuj vows to protect Anupama. Gurumaa plans to exploit Anupama's motherly instincts as a weakness to achieve her goals.