In the episode, Choti Anu (CA) reveals to Vanraj that she went to the orphanage without informing anyone because she believed her mother had left her forever. However, her mother found her at the orphanage. Anuj supports Anupama and accompanies her. Anupama recites a heartfelt poem expressing that her family and motherhood take precedence over her dreams, compelling her to return. She gazes at a window, lost in thought. Anuj inquires about her focus, but Anupama is engrossed in a prayer for Maaya's liberation, delivering a profound monologue. Anuj remarks that there is no one at the window, causing Barkha to panic upon seeing Anupama and CA's picture, exclaiming that Anupama has returned.

Anupama 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

In the car, Anuj ponders why Anupama came back and questions how Gurumaa allowed her to leave. He contemplates the consequences of her return. On the radio, Malti Devi's interview plays, catching Anupama's attention. Anupama calls Gurumaa.

Gurumaa dances furiously, recalling Anupama's promise to remain a loyal student and to avoid any actions that would cause her to regret her decision. She reflects on Anupama's dramatic behavior on the flight and her subsequent departure. Gurumaa believes she has explained herself many times, but Anupama disregarded her instructions. She contemplates the immense power a guru holds, capable of bestowing blessings that enrich one's life or curses that can destroy it. Anupama realizes she has defied Gurumaa's teachings. Barkha confides in Ankush that she cannot believe Anupama made such a grave mistake for the sake of her daughter. Ankush reminds her that she may not understand the depth of a mother's emotions. Barkha notices the Shah family entering the premises and comments dismissively, referring to them as unnecessary drama. Toshu informs everyone that they received a call from Vanraj, prompting their presence. Leela wonders what might have transpired. Kinjal expresses concern about Malti Devi's potential actions. Gurumaa messages Nakul to find out Anupama's whereabouts and schedule a meeting, as she wants to speak to her directly.

Anupama returns home with Anuj, Vanraj, and CA. Kavya questions CA about leaving home without informing anyone, expressing their worries. CA apologizes for causing them trouble, and Kavya forgives her, instructing her to freshen up. CA turns to Anupama and asks if she will leave her alone again. Anupama promises to never leave her side. Leela attempts to speak with Anupama, but Anupama stops her, approaching Maaya's photo instead. She assures Maaya that CA's "Yashoda maiya" (referring to herself) has returned. Anupama solemnly vows to always be with CA and never abandon her. She informs everyone that they likely have many questions, but she requests some time alone. Hasmukh agrees, and Anupama departs.

Barkha and others question Vanraj and Anuj about Anupama's return and how she ended up at the orphanage. Anuj admits they don't have all the answers, as he tried calling Malati Devi but received no response. Toshu speculates that Gurumaa must be angry and planning to take legal action against Anupama. Hasmukh believes Gurumaa will understand the plight of a mother. Leela cautions them, emphasizing that Malti Devi is dangerous and will not spare anyone if her art is undermined. Gurumaa burns all the articles related to Anupama. Anupama recalls her promises to Gurumaa and recent events, expressing remorse by saying "surri surri surri" (sorry).

Leela asks Anuj if he informed Anupama about CA's condition. Vanraj admits that he didn't, otherwise, he wouldn't have been so surprised to see Anupama at the orphanage. Kinjal suggests that Anupama may have changed her mind due to her concern for CA. Dimpy suggests that Anupama may not have wanted to leave at all, speculating that she was initially motivated by Maya's presence, and now that Maya is no more, she returned. Leela questions Dimpy's negative perspective, and Hasmukh intervenes, urging them to stop arguing. He asks Anuj to go and be with Anupama. Anuj approaches Anupama, and she embraces him, breaking down in tears. Leela notices Vanraj's tensed state, and he admits that Anupama made a mistake by returning. He believes they could have managed CA in her absence, but her motherly instincts held her back.

Anuj offers water to Anupama, who expresses that if she had gone, she wouldn't have been able to face Maaya. She explains the significance of a child in a mother's life, emphasizing that a child's tears and happiness outweigh a mother's dreams. Anupama asserts that a mother's decision may not be understood by others, but it is paramount to her. She continues her impassioned speech. Anuj acknowledges the importance of mothers like her, whose selflessness is held in high regard, but he questions what becomes of a mother's dreams. Anupama is overwhelmed with guilt. Gurumaa, seething with anger, laments that Anupama's actions have completely destroyed her, vowing to exact her revenge.

In the next scene, a power outage occurs. Leela mentions the possibility of a storm. Vanraj questions Anupama about her return, and Anupama attempts to explain. Gurumaa enters the room, and Anupama reverentially touches her feet, addressing her as Gurumaa. However, Gurumaa slaps Anupama and declares that she is no longer her guru or mother.