Anuj confesses his love for Choti Anu (CA) before she leaves for the Shah house. Ankush reassures him that Kavya will take care of CA. Barkha expresses sympathy for CA to Adhik, stating that although it is good for CA to move to the Shah house, it is bad for them as Anuj will now focus on his work and uncover the irregularities they committed. Adhik agrees, acknowledging the negative consequences for them. Pakhi overhears their conversation and confronts them, threatening to expose their truth to Anuj. Adhik twists Pakhi's hand and assures her that he will manipulate the situation to their advantage. Pakhi warns them that their evil tactics won't work for long and they will have to face the consequences of their actions.

Anupama 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

CA plays with Pari, and Toshu takes them to the terrace. Leela and Dimpy express concern about CA being in their house. Vanraj and Hasmukh argue that CA should feel welcome with Pari around. Leela argues that if anything happens to CA while she is in their house, Anuj won't forgive them. They discuss sending CA back to Anuj soon. Kavya suggests that CA might stay with them indefinitely. Adhik and Barkha strategize on how to prevent Anuj from returning to the office. Pakhi, in front of them, instructs a servant to bring official files from Anuj's office, as Anuj wants to rejoin work. Adhik becomes annoyed, and Barkha blames him for instigating Pakhi's actions.

Kavya prepares a cake for CA, and Kinjal joins her. Kavya states that she may not be Anupama but can act as a motherly figure to CA. Vanraj asks about CA's whereabouts, and Kavya reveals that she is with Pari. Leela says that CA is not there. Toshu returns and informs them that CA is missing. Leela scolds them, as she had warned them about this. Vanraj and Toshu frantically search for CA, while Anuj wakes up realizing that CA is at the Shah house. He receives a message informing him that CA is missing. Vanraj and Toshu return home empty-handed, stating they couldn't find CA anywhere. Anuj arrives with his family, and Barkha blames Kavya for being irresponsible. Kavya explains that CA was on the terrace with Pari and she doesn't know when CA left the house. Barkha continues to berate Kavya, trying to provoke Anuj.

Anuj receives a message indicating that his daughter has been spotted in Mumbai. He is shocked to learn that CA has returned to the orphanage. He remarks that the story has come full circle. Anuj and Vanraj rush to Mumbai. The Shah family prays for CA's safe return. Anuj and Vanraj arrive at the orphanage and are astonished to find Anupama singing a lullaby to CA. Vanraj records the scene and sends it to the Shah family. Anuj and Vanraj ask Anupama how she ended up there since she was supposed to go to Mumbai. Anuj confirms if she is alright, mentioning that he had checked that she had already boarded the flight to the USA. Anupama feels weak and collapses onto Anuj, asking him to take her home.

In the next episode, Anupama returns home reciting a poem about sacrificing her dreams for her family. CA is delighted that her "Yashoda Maiya" (Anupama) is back. Angry Gurumaa instructs Nakul to find out where Anupama is and declares her intention to speak directly to Anupama.