Vanraj informs the family that Anupama's flight has taken off and she has eventually left for America. Leela expresses her enterprises about how they will manage without her. Kinjal suggests that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own conduct. Kavya expresses her solicitude for Anuj, who now has to handle the liabilities of taking care of Choti Anu( CA).

Anupama 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update

 Dimpy receives a communication from Barkha informing them that CA ran calling out for her mama and fell down. CA murmurs in her sleep, asking for her mama . Anuj assures her that he'll fulfill the places of both her mama and father. He imagines Anupama and expresses how important they both miss her. He wishes they could have all been together if Anupama had not had to choose her dreams. Anuj believes that they're two souls in one body and feels like he has lost his life. Anupama interrupts him and asks if she should return. Anuj insists that she shouldn't immolate her dreams and tells her that he spoke from his heart. He breaks down, and Anupama comforts him and lulls him to sleep on her stage. The coming morning, Leela prays to God, asking for Anupama's safe return and for her family's happiness. Hasmukh returns home and expresses his desire to see off Anupama but could not make it in time. He prays to God, admitting all that Anupama has done for the family and wishing for her everlasting happiness. The family is overjoyed to see Hasmukh and seeks his blessings. A delivery boy arrives with sugar-free cream rolls, stating that Anupama had asked him to deliver them to Hasmukh the coming day. Hasmukh realizes that Anupama expressed her love for him indeed without words and emphasizes that they all need to take care of themselves and let Anupama work peacefully in the US. They also need to take care of Anuj and CA. Anuj wakes up in the morning and expresses his craving for Anupama's presence. He wants her help in taking care of CA. Ankush calls him downward urgently. Anuj rushes down and is pleased to see Hasmukh. Hasmukh apologizes for not coming before and asks about CA. Anuj admits that he tried his stylish to handle her but failed. He breaks down and leverages Hasmukh, who comforts him and assures him that everything will be alright. CA comes downward calling for her mama and asks if she's pressing her academy livery and preparing her lunchbox. She notices Hasmukh, runs towards him, and hugs him, asking him to tell her where her mama is. Hasmukh stands speechless. Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Kinjal mentions that their neighbor Sheela aunty transferred them raw mangoes, and Leela suggests that they ask Anupama to prepare mango murabba since she makes the stylish one. Kinjal also remembers that Anupama is in the US. CA continues to ask about her mama . Kavya lies, saying that her mama has gone to a gurukul for an event and that she knows how strict the gurumaa( head of the gurukul) is. Kavya convinces CA to have her mess and feeds her. Barkha remarks that Kavya fluently induced CA to eat, commodity they were unfit to do. Vanraj asks Anuj if they can bring CA to the Shah house for some time as she needs a maternal figure and gets on well with Kavya. Barkha states that indeed if Anuj stays down from CA, CA can not stay without him. Ankush supports Anuj's decision. Hasmukh agrees with both Barkha and Vanraj, suggesting that CA should stay with the Shahs for some time, as she'll get along with Pari and Meenu and homogenize her routine. Anuj acknowledges that CA needs maternal love and agrees to let her stay with them. Hasmukh assures Anuj that he can visit them frequently and will not feel lonely. The Shahs begin to take CA towards the door when Anuj stops her. In the forthcoming occasion, Anupama returns home and reveals that she could not leave without her" bebbli"( CA). Gurumaa questions if Anupama flashed back her part as a mama but not her duty towards the gurukul. Anupama apologizes and touches Gurumaa's bases, but Gurumaa slaps her and vows to destroy her life.