Anupama 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update Anupama waves goodbye to the Shahs before checking into the airport. She looks around for Anuj but sees Vanraj signaling her to go inside. As she walks in, she notices a young girl crying and begging her mother not to leave her alone. Anupama gets emotional and imagines herself with a younger version of herself, whom she refers to as choti Anu or CA. She tries to call Anuj, but Gurumaa snatches the phone from her, reminding her that she can make calls after checking in. Gurumaa mentions Nakul's visa issues and the need to be cautious. Anupama shows her documents to the officer. Gurumaa believes that Anupama's motherly instincts are holding her back, but she believes it's necessary for Anupama's own growth. Meanwhile, CA becomes uncontrollable, runs, and falls down, causing Anupama to sense something is wrong. Anuj panics seeing CA bleeding and wonders if he should call Anupama, but he hesitates, thinking she must have already checked out.

Anupama 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The officer checks Anupama's passport and asks if her children called her to the USA. Anupama explains that her efforts are taking her to the USA to fulfill her dreams. The officer commends her efforts and advises her to never give up until she achieves her dreams. Anupama then informs Gurumaa Anupama 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update that her check-in is complete. Anuj calls Anupama and says he wants to tell her something. Anupama nervously asks what it is. Anuj, after a long pause, says, "I love you." Anupama senses that he wants to say something else and reassures him that she knows. Anuj expresses how much he will miss her, asks her to take care of herself, and fulfill all her dreams. Meanwhile, Anupama hears CA shouting for her mother. Anuj disconnects the call. Anupama tries to redial in panic. The flight announcement is made, and Gurumaa urges Anupama to come along as they need to board. Anuj hopes Anupama didn't hear CA's voice and wishes her flight takes off smoothly.

Back home, the Shahs anxiously look at the watch, realizing that Anupama's flight must have taken off by now. Kinjal shares the same thought with Toshu. As Vanraj drives, he echoes the same sentiment. Anupama imagines CA pleading for her not to leave. Gurumaa urges Anupama to hurry as the announcement has already been made. Anupama walks towards the flight with anxiety, while CA's voice echoes in her ears. An air hostess asks for her boarding pass, which she shows, and she boards the flight. As she settles into her seat, she notices another child crying and imagines comforting CA. Gurumaa informs Anupama that Nakul, Bhairavi, and the others are in the economy class and helps her fasten her seatbelt. Anupama recalls CA's plea and Anuj's words. The flight takes off.

Ankush asks Anuj if Anupama's flight has taken off, and Anuj confirms it. Ankush realizes that Anupama didn't hear CA's voice, and Anuj recites a long poem expressing his feelings of losing everything with Anupama's departure.